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Life Insurance

Have any of you lost someone near and dear to you? How did you feel? Were you able to just get up and get back to “it”? There is a hole in our hearts when we lose someone. If that someone was a spouse, child, father, mother, sibling, grandparent, best friend, etc., normal may not be achieved for quite a while. But for those who are left behind, there are still kids to feed, bills that have to be paid, obligations that have to be met. And in case you haven’t had this happen before, funerals are not cheap. A relatively bare bones funeral could run up to $10,000 fairly quickly. The lifestyle you have all been living at continues, but the money doesn’t. And for those of you who think that bad things only happen to “the other guy”, I have news for you: There is no selectivity. It could be you, it could be the person next to you. LIFE HAPPENS.

If you are a business owner, what will happen to the business? What will happen to the cash flow that keeps your family safe? If you have partners, how will the deceased partner’s family be paid for their interest? Will that be enough to provide the deceased partner’s family the same income? And how will the partners get the money to pay the widow or widower?

There are many opinions around how much life insurance a person needs. But is an arbitrary figure the correct protection. What are we really protecting? Isn’t it the income a person brings into the household? If that is the case, shouldn’t there be a way to calculate that number scientifically? In fact, there is.

We cannot replace the value a person brings to the family, to the workers they are with, to the friends, churchmates or temple brethren. But we can replace the income. And wouldn’t that be huge.


The most important asset we own is our health – our ability to get up every day and do what we love to do (we hope that is the case). It is our ability to provide the lifestyle we live for ourselves and our families that motivates us. For some, lifestyle is everything “cars or trucks”; for others it is travel. Some like to cook and enjoy entertaining, while others like to eat at different restaurants all the time so they can taste the different cuisines. But for all of us, it is our families. We start out in our work life just trying to earn enough to pay the bills. Over time, that income can far outpace just paying the bills – it can afford us a different type of lifestyle. And usually, that means both spouses are working and earning. What if something happened to one of you to the extent that you could not work – either for an elongated time or forever? What would that look like in your world? Could you continue to make the mortgage payment on that new house, or the payment on that new car? Could you continue to travel to exotic locations? Would there be enough money to even pay the PG&E and put food on the table? And what about the added expense that a prolonged disability would cause us to incur?

We insure our cars and homes and jewelry. Doesn’t it make sense to insure the biggest asset we have – our health and ability to bring home “the bacon”? I know that people would rather wait than pay out money to be used only in the event of an emergency. Life happens to us all. To what degree that will happen, what it will look like, is only anyone’s guess. There are many options when looking at “paycheck protection”. Surprisingly, it might easily fit in your budget.


Most people buy insurance by price. They are always looking for the “best deal”, and they assume that low price conveys the best deal. Medical Insurance is there to protect the client’s balance sheet. When you buy insurance, buy it for “…the way you want it to look on the day you absolutely have to have it”. Life happens to us all. We just don’t know what that means. High deductibles (how much you have to pay before the insurance kicks in) may bring low premiums today, but it will result in a much larger bill when anything goes wrong.

We specialize in individual and family coverage, group insurance, insurance for seniors. We look for the best plans available. For us, the best plan offers the best coverage for the most reasonable price. We are aware that “best plan” and “most reasonable price” differs with the different clients we have.

When it comes to group insurance we can offer almost all plans that are out there. Again, we do the work to come up with the plan that you want.

Group Benefits

Businesses who provide benefits for their employees can come to Pacific Advisors and expect packages that include a variety of benefits from medical insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance.

Packages can also include a variety of investment products such as 401 K’s.

Flexibility is one of our specialties so that the business owner and each employee has the benefits which is the best fit for them and their families.


You can never be sure what the market will do at any moment, except change. A disciplined approach to investing that includes broad diversification to manage risk can help you achieve your financial objectives.

Many investment vehicles, such as annuities and individual retirement accounts, offer tax-deferred earnings. Because the earnings accumulate tax deferred, your money has the potential to grow faster than would a currently taxable vehicle.

Qualified plans, such as a 401(k) or the fully insured 412(e)(3) plans, adhere to IRS regulations regarding eligibility, employer contributions, employee withdrawals, and withdrawal tax consequences. A company must also meet strict federal rules for nondiscrimination to ensure that the plan benefits all eligible employees.

Business Services

Many people start businesses to capitalize on a talent they have - this could be cooking, contracting, repairing, etc. But they soon learn that having a specific talent does not guarantee success. There are many aspects to running a business, such as buying right, supply/demand, employees, medical insurance, etc. Some businesses may create partnerships or may form corporations. The key is to protect the business investment while the business is growing. Then, at some point in time there will be changes such as an owner wanting to retire. Monetizing the assets to provide for these changes and maintain the owner’s lifestyle can be a challenge. Pacific Advisors can help navigate all of the situations that come from owning a business, and make sure the investments are protected.

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