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Most people buy insurance by price. They are always looking for the “best deal”, and they assume that low price conveys the best deal. Medical Insurance is there to protect the client’s balance sheet. When you buy insurance, buy it for “…the way you want it to look on the day you absolutely have to have it”. Life happens to us all. We just don’t know what that means. High deductibles (how much you have to pay before the insurance kicks in) may bring low premiums today, but it will result in a much larger bill when anything goes wrong.

We specialize in individual and family coverage, group insurance, insurance for seniors. We look for the best plans available. For us, the best plan offers the best coverage for the most reasonable price. We are aware that “best plan” and “most reasonable price” differs with the different clients we have.

When it comes to group insurance we can offer almost all plans that are out there. Again, we do the work to come up with the plan that you want.

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